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varietee™ adjustable golf practice platforms

varietee™ is an adjustable platform which allows you to practice your golf from a variety of lies - ANY SLOPE, ANY DIRECTION. varietee™ can be installed at home, on the driving range, or on the practice fairway and has all the accessories you need. varietee™ is very easy to install and operate.

Picture: varietee™ Platform
See still pictures and video demonstrations.

"It is great to practice those tricky uphill, downhill and sidehill lies." Geoff Nicholas AM (12 consecutive world amputee golf championships). No matter what level you play at, you can benefit from practicing with varietee™.

Earn more profit from your facility by attracting more customers to come more often to hit more balls. This revolutionary golf training aid will open up a new world of tuition and expand the range of the lessons you can offer. Buy or rent a varietee™ or two for your facility, and boost your profits immediately! Just sell around one extra bucket of balls per day, or give one lesson on playing from hilly lies per week and you have covered the cost of leasing - earn any more and it is pure cream!

Buy your own varietee™ platform for the back yard for the ultimate home practice facility.