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Rent varietee™ platform from $50 per week. Phone 1300 856 782 for details.
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varietee™ for business

varietee™ is not just a great product - it is an add-on profit stream for your business. The varietee™ Business System is designed to help your facility attract more customers to come more often and to hit more balls.

To attract more customers to your range:

  • Pre-arrival promotional materials can be supplied.
  • varietee™ advertising and website will include details of your facility.
  • The instructional flyer is an excellent promotional tool.
  • And just having varietee™ at your range will attract new customers who find current practice boring or lacking in challenge. It has great appeal across the board, from kids (they love it!) to the serious scratch golfer.

Your business can profit from this increased patronage in many ways:

  • More buckets of balls sold.
  • Direct charges for varietee™ use.
  • Additional coaching revenue.
  • Spin-off profits from food, drink and merchandise sales.

In fact, for the rental option, approximately one extra bucket of balls sold per day or one extra lesson given per week will cover the cost of the rent - earn any more, and it is all cream! In addition, you can earn referral fees for sales of varietee™ to your customers for home use. Start earning more profit now. Buy or rent a varietee™ or two for your facility today. You do the maths with the Profitability Calculator.