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Rent varietee™ platform from $50 per week. Phone 1300 856 782 for details.
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varietee™ platform installation

varietee™ is basically a Plonk 'n' Play device. Installation is simple:

  • Remove the deck panels.
  • Lift varietee™ into place on a hard level surface **.
  • Screw down any adjustable feet not in contact with the ground.
  • Replace the deck panels.
  • Bolt a standard 5ft x 5ft octagonal practice mat to the deck with the central bolt.
  • Play away!

** Note: place some small paving stones under the varietee™ adjustable feet if installing on a natural surface.

It is recommended that varietee™ platforms not be installed on upper levels of multi-storey driving ranges unless adequate safety netting is provided. It must be noted that practice from a downhill lie increases the risk of the golfer falling forward.