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Rent varietee™ platform from $50 per week. Phone 1300 856 782 for details.
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varietee™ Adjustable Golf Practice Platform

The varietee™ Adjustable Golf Practice Platform allows the golfer to practice their golf from a variety of lies. Hence the name!

varietee™ measures up on all of the critical features:

  • It is fully functional - any slope, any direction
  • It is quick and easy to adjust - will not slow the golfer down
  • It has a low profile - will not significantly affect head room
  • It is simple to install - just "plonk and play" in your standard bay

... and it is everything else that you would expect from a revenue generating asset:

key lockable, safe, affordable, portable, robust and durable, ultra-low maintenance, sold "off-the-shelf", fits your standard mats, bolt-down to deter thieves.

No competing product can do all that! See our comparative performance summary.

See operation detail with pictures and videos. Buy or rent.

The varietee™ Platform comes supplied with:

  • An Operation and Maintenance Manual
  • A Mat Bolt-down Key
  • A Platform Bolt-down System
  • Four Keys

The varietee™ Platform is complemented by a range of accessories to enable safe and convenient use of the platform in a variety of applications.

  • varietee™ Ball Table - designed to provide easy access to practice balls whilst on the platform. The table is suitable for use with both range trays and ball buckets.
  • varietee™ Range Bay Divider - designed to provide increased height protection for adjacent players from mis-hit balls and available with vinyl, shade cloth or netting inserts. The divider also incorporates safety and operating instructions for the platform user. It is recommended that two dividers be used with each platform.
  • varietee™ Octagonal Practice Mat is a 1.5m x 1.5m octagonal mat with a single tier 20mm foam base and 15mm pile. (Note: All standard 1.5m x 1.5m (5ft x 5ft) octagonal mats are suitable for use with the platform.)
  • varietee™ Range Ball Tray - holds 100 balls and measures 31cm x 70cm. (Note: The ball table is sized to accept most standard range ball trays.)
  • varietee™ Mix Rubber Tees - For slopes of greater than 4 degrees, it is necessary to use a rubber tee to hold the ball in place. Short tees are useful to simulate fairway lies. Each pack includes six 3cm tees, two 4.5cm tees, one 5.5cm tee and one 7cm tee - 10 tees in total.
  • varietee™ Booking/Safety System Folder - provides all of the documentation necessary to allow the driving range to control the use of the platform and ensure that driving range customers are fully aware of safety and operational details.
  • varietee™ Instructional/Promotional Flyers - provide safety and operational instructions for users and double as a promotional tool. Available in lots of 250 flyers.
  • Replacement Keys
  • Replacement Lock Sets
  • Replacement Mat Bolt-down Key