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varietee™ for the beginner

You go to the practice range regularly and are starting to hit the ball okay. But you are a bit apprehensive about venturing onto the golf course. You know it will be different - putting, the bunkers, the rough and sloping lies. You do not want to look like a fool when you venture out onto the course for the first time, so you want to prepare yourself as much as you can.

Either that or you are one of the new breed of golfers who are quite happy playing all your golf at the range . . . but it gets a bit boring just hitting balls off the mat.

Whichever you are, you seek out more variety in your range experience. Your driving range has a practice putting green, complete with bunkers. It even has real grass areas to hit from . . .

. . . and now, varietee™ allows you to practice from any lie you want, whenever you want!

Wherever you practice, ask the manager to install a varietee™ or two for you to practice those sloping lies. This will add some variety to your golf experience and will improve your confidence for when you play on-course.