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varietee™ for the high handicapper

At the practice range you hit the ball pretty well, but when you get on the course, at times you have trouble making good contact with the ball. It is so different on-course because many (even most) of the shots you play are from at least a gentle slope. Sometimes you are faced with shots from steep slopes that you have never experienced before. You don't handle them well and that is frustrating because it destroys your score and your mood.

You need to get some experience with odd lies, really just to get some feel for what to do when you are faced with the same situation on the course. This will improve your confidence which will change your attitude to those tough shots and let you enjoy your golf a lot more. Your scores will improve too!

varietee™ allows you to practice from any lie you want, whenever you want. Wherever you practice, ask the manager to install a varietee™ or two for you to practice those difficult lies and get a lot more out of your golf.