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varietee™ for the mid-to-low handicapper

At the practice range you hit them straight and can turn them left or right at will. But on the golf course it is never that easy. It is hard enough to find a flat lie on the tee sometimes, let alone the fairway. There are always two or three shots per round that you hit a little fat, or thin, or left, or right. If you could eliminate those problems, you could easily knock a few more shots off the handicap!

You need to learn how to play from sloping lies - and that means: Practice! Practice! Practice!

varietee™ allows you to practice from any lie you want, whenever you want. Wherever you practice, ask the manager to install a varietee™ or two for you to practice those difficult lies and cut a few more shots off the handicap. Or buy one for the back yard for the ultimate practice facility!