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varietee™ for the scratch golfer

You are into the final stretch and it is looking like a decent pay day. But you have hit your tee shot into the semi-rough on the left of the fairway. The ball is below your feet and on a downhill lie. (All in all, a bit like Adam Scott in the rain-soaked 2005 Nissan Open Play-off at Riviera Country Club, LA).

You know how to play this shot . . . but it has been a month since you did:

  • It is going to go to the right . . . but just how far right.
  • It is going to go long . . . but just how far long.
  • Oh! I wish that I had practiced these shots!

varietee™ allows you to devote a part of your practice time to playing from a variety of lies:

  • Hit shots with the ball below your feet or above your feet.
  • Hit from an uphill lie or a downhill lie.
  • Hit from a gentle, medium or steep slope . . .
  • . . . hit whatever you want, whenever you want.

You can also use varietee™ to adjust your swing plane. If your swing plane is too steep, flatten it out by practicing for an extended time with the ball above your feet. This will force you to stand a little straighter and swing the club on a flatter plane. Conversely, if your swing plane is too flat, practice with the ball below your feet. This will force you to bend a little more at the waist and play with a steeper swing plane.

Wherever you practice, ask the manager to install a varietee™ or two for you to hone your game on. Or buy one for the back yard for the ultimate practice facility!