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Practicing with varietee™

No matter what level you play at, you can benefit from practicing with varietee™.

  • Scratch Golfer: varietee™ allows you to hone your game and drill adjustments to your swing plane.
  • Mid-to-Low Handicapper: varietee™ allows you to practice those shots that can destroy your score when you don't get them right.
  • High Handicapper: varietee™ makes practice interesting and varied so that no shot on-course will be a new situation for you.
  • Beginner: varietee™ allows you to get a better feel for on-course conditions before you venture out for your first round.

Here is how to do it (same for both lefties and right handed golfers):

Above Ball above your feet:
  • Ball will fly with a draw
  • Ball back in stance
  • Weight on balls of feet
  • Choke down on club
  • Stand taller
  • Stay upright
Below Ball below your feet:
  • Ball will fly with a fade
  • Ball forward in stance
  • Wider stance
  • Weight on heels
  • Bend at knees and waist
  • Stay down
Uphill Uphill lie:
  • Ball will fly high
  • Ball forward in stance
  • Weight on back foot
  • Tilt spine back
  • Shoulders parallel to slope
  • Stay back
Downhill Downhill lie:
  • Ball will fly low
  • Weight on front foot
  • Tilt spine to front
  • Shoulders parallel to slope
  • Upright takeaway
  • Stay forward

From a combination, say a downhill lie with the ball below your feet . . . ask a pro!

Now go out and practice!

Note on terminology: "Practice" or "Practise", "Practicing" or "Practising"? For English based usage (UK, Australia, New Zealand, etc.): When it is a verb, use an "s" as in: "He likes to practise golf." and "She is practising from an uphill lie." When it is a noun, use a "c" as in: "Golf Practice Range" and "Practice makes perfect." American usage is much simpler. Always use a "c", even when it is a verb, as in: "She practices every day." and "He loves practicing with varietee™." Despite our Australian roots, we have chosen to adopt the American usage as the US is the biggest golf market.